7 tons of fruits include graduation gift for college students


It’s graduation time! It’s that time of year again for universities and colleges all over China, and a nice gift for every graduate has become a prerequisite. In seeking to be a little different, several came up with somewhat unusual choices.

As students all over the world threw their mortars into the air, their graduating institutions searched for the perfect memorial gifts for them. This year, several universities and colleges stand out with warm, meaningful and practical gifts. And a little less.

From our own Nanjing, graduates of a top university received a double-sided pillowcase. It may not sound like much (it doesn’t look like much, editor’s note), but according to Nanjing Normal University, the gift is intended to help graduates remember and preserve their memories of life on the campus. On one side is a sketch of the University’s Jingwen Library, and on the other is a depiction of the unique roof style seen on many buildings on the Suiyan campus, under a gingko tree. So; memories of studying hard in an old building with leaves falling on your head. What could be better?

A little less imaginatively, the Nanjing University of Science and Technology Sports Department’s graduation gift is a USB flash drive, albeit “exclusive and personalized”. It less. Need to try harder.

In neighboring Zhejiang Province, gifts for graduating students from Zhejiang Normal University vary by university. For example, the school of physical education and health sciences gave them a whistle. How is it original? Sarcasm aside, it’s hoped graduates will “blow their inner whistle and race toward a wider world on their future journey.”

Elsewhere, the Henan Normal University College of Life Sciences graduation keepsake is a framed butterfly specimen. According to The World Journal, the specimens were mysteriously made by the students themselves under the guidance of instructors.

In the Deep South, students leaving Kunming Medical University have graduated with a personalized ring. On the face of the ring is the school logo, while the inside is engraved with the graduate’s name and student number.

To the north, in Henan province, the gift of the Zhengzhou Aviation Industry Management College worries us a bit. For their personalized grad keepsakes, this year appears to show a plane colliding with the school logo.

Finally, literally putting the icing on the cake is Northwest A&F University in Shaanxi Province.

For their graduating students, the university chose two tons of watermelon, three tons of cherries, one ton of melons, and one ton of peaches to share among the students. A teacher was quoted as saying that it is hoped that through these fruits, students’ feelings of “knowing, loving, strengthening and rejuvenating agriculture” can be cultivated. Just like the cherries themselves, then. Sin.


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