A Johns Hopkins University student invented edible tape for wraps

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Burritos appear like the perfect stand-alone meal, but they’re Actually time bombs, like even a masterfully packaged can come apart at the seams, leaving your hands and clothes dripping with salsa and sauces. But there is a potential solution along the way, as engineering students have created what could be the world’s first edible tape which can be applied to other foods.

The burrito isn’t the only edible form of Russian roulette, of course.. Truly anything contained in a thin, pasty wrapper – from gyros to shawarma – has the potential to create a horrible mess if not diligently consumed inside an extra paper wrapper that is you peel thoroughly back, bite by bite. Are the risks really worth it? Absolutely. JHere are some of our most delicious dining options, and so important to college life that students at Johns Hopkins University’s Whiting School of Engineering have dedicated themselves to making eating wraps a whole lot less risky.

Tastee Tape is naturally clear and almost invisible, but dyes can be added to give it the necessary color.

Instead of redesigning the towel or developing fabrics impervious to guacamole stains, the team of chemical and biomolecular engineering students developed a new product called Tastee Tape. After delving into the science of ordinary adhesives, the students tested various ingredients and eventually came up with an edible alternative which they are attempting to patent. That means they are not yet ready to share the exact ingredient list. But they can confirm that it is made from additives already used in many foods and is completely safe to consume.

The product comes in two-inch pre-cut strips attached to sheets of wax paper, and using a patch simply requires the application of water to fully activate its adhesive properties. The students are confident that their creation has enough tensile strength to securely hold even the most stuffed burritos, but the applications potentially go much further than just flimsy wrappers. Home bakers could use Tastee Tape to fix or reassemble a crumbling cake, and the potential to fix other culinary failures in the kitchen is staggering.


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