AIJAC Statement on Cancellation of Melbourne University Students’ Union Motion Calling for Boycott of Israel


The Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) welcomes the decision of the Melbourne University Students’ Union (UMSU) to rescind its motion calling for a boycott of Israel.

AIJAC Executive Director Dr. Colin Rubenstein said: “This was an appalling anti-Semitic motion that should never have passed, and it is disappointing that six of the 16 AIJAC Council members Union still voted against the termination motion. We hope the cancellation was due to an understanding of the motion’s anti-Semitism and many other flaws, and not just because of the legal challenge.

“We note that, as stated by UMSU President Sophie Nguyen, the motion to rescind was intended to modify the original motion on the basis of consultation. We hope that UMSU genuinely consults and learns from its mistakes, and that any further motion reflects the standards we expect of an institution of higher learning, rather than just being a watered down version of the original shameful resolution.

“We also urge the students’ unions at the University of Sydney and the Australian National University, who passed motions in support of the UMSU motion, to reconsider their own positions accordingly,” Dr Rubenstein concluded. .


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