ASUU: AEISCID rebukes Umahi for ‘university education not for everyone’ comment


The Association of Socio-Cultural Indigenous Ebonyi in the Diaspora (AEISCID) has accused Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State of killing education at all levels of the state, even as the group condemned a statement attributed to the governor that “higher education is not for everyone.”

Commenting on the ongoing ASUU strike, the governor reportedly said, “College education is not for everyone and that is the truth.”

But in a statement released to reporters in Abuja, AEISCID Chairman Ambassador Paschal Oluchukwu said the current Umahi administration had reversed all gains made in the education sector in the state. by previous administrations.

“It is justiciable to highlight how the man who advocates for at least basic and secondary education for citizens has indeed killed education at these two levels before finally burying the two institutions of higher learning state-owned – Ebonyi State University and Ebonyi State College. Education, Ikwo.

“We are aware that Umahi had inherited an Ebonyi who had near excellent performance in academic exams such as WAEC, NECO and other competitive academic contests like debates. The State’s Debating Championship team led by Prof. Okpata has made Nigeria proud even at continental level.

According to Oluchukwu, “The history of education in Ebonyi is such that the first civilian governor, Senator Dr. Sam Egwu, deliberately offered free and compulsory education to all Ebonyians at least up to secondary level, with the government registering at least NECO for finalist students.

“The majority of PhDs and faculty today, especially in the state university, were products of Egwu’s HIPACT program – a carefully planned overseas scholarship program designed by the education loving administration of Dr Egwu.

“This was further cemented by his successor, Chief Martin Elechi, who felt the need to maintain the legacy of education. His government has put Ebonyi in the spotlight with proper salaries for teachers and by attracting funds and investments into UBEB from the Universal Basic Education Commission, UBEC.

“This was, in addition, to fully support and fund the State Literary and Debating Society, the State Scholarship Board, and the prompt payment of scholarships to students, including sponsorship and support for law school law students.

“AEISCID is always aware that it was so transparent that even a local government president or a development center coordinator could pay tuition and get laptops with other media for law students who attended law school.Teachers, especially at the primary level, were well paid.

“In WAEC performance under Elechi, Ebonyi came only second to states like Anambra in the entire South East region and held on top in some college competitions like debate.

“By ascending to the number one seat of power, however, Umahi immediately turned the tables.

“Since then, Umahi has thrown the education sector in Ebonyi into deeper mess. It is so serious that during his reign of more than 7 years, there has never been a report of him having made a brief stopover in any of the public educational establishments – be it primary, secondary or tertiary state establishments.

“The only time he visits EBSU is to harass the managers (whom he himself appointed) to increase their income. He even taxes the institution after cutting its grants by more than 50%.

“He only laments that the place can only be run as a business and that he does not get enough profit from the school because the management are not good business men and women.”

While describing tuition fees at Ebonyi as ‘criminally outrageous’, the statement said: ‘Government secondary schools in Ebonyi are now highly unaffordable as it costs over N15,000 to obtain a common secondary school certificate of the first cycle.

“Parents pay through the nose to see their children and wards through the upper secondary grades up to SS3 when they are ultimately forced to break banks in order to register their children and wards for WAEC and NECO.”


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