Aussie boy drops out of college after getting ‘dream’ job


A young Australian spoke of marking her “dream” job at Bunnings.

Maddison Kramer had only two years left to graduate from Notre Dame University in Perth.

She was earning a bachelor’s degree in health and physical education to hopefully become a high school teacher.

While in school, she also worked part-time at Bunnings helping anyone who walked through doors with their DIY questions.

The 22-year-old suddenly realized that this job was more rewarding than teaching and she decided to change her future.

In a viral post on LinkedIn, Maddison discussed how your life can change when you follow your passions.

“In this photo, it took me $ 20,000 in HECS debt and two universities for me to learn that my degree was not worth what I thought it was,” she writes.

“[It took] five years trying to figure out what career is right for me. So that I finally understand that I don’t have to go to college to be successful. Now have a transcript of “withdrawn” in my 2nd final year of study to go there.

“This photo shows the smile on my face that I made the right choice. It was the best $ 20,000 I have [have] spent.

“I have met a wide variety of friends throughout my life. I have found my strengths and weaknesses. I stood in front of many classrooms filled with schoolchildren.

“It was a small price to pay for me to learn that when you start taking care of yourself first, everything else becomes a lot easier.”

Credit: Alamy

Her post on LinkedIn was appreciated by more than 8,000 people and many congratulated the young Australian for expressing her passion for her work.

She has worked at Bunnings for seven years because she wanted to earn money as a teenager.

Even though she knows this isn’t the career she originally envisioned, she reminded people that it’s never too late to change your mind and immerse yourself in what makes you happy rather than what makes you happy. that you “should” do.

“As a member of the company for seven years now, I have taken every opportunity to learn something new with each shift, to explore what I am capable of, to develop and explore my capabilities for the next step, ”she wrote.

“I’m thankful for my failures because if I don’t fail, I probably don’t learn. And if I don’t learn, I don’t grow.”


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