Court sentences senior student to 8 months cleaning toilets


According to, he was found guilty of fraudulent impersonation.

He was sentenced alongside Ajisafe Olaide, Lawal Morenikeji, Osuolale Abiodun and Olamilekan Taofeek.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the anti-corruption agency that dragged the convicts to court.

They pleaded guilty to the charges brought against them by the EFCC’s Ibadan Area Command.

Judge Ayo-Emmanuel of the Federal High Court of Osogbo, Osun State, in his decision ordered Oluwasegunfunmi to clean the toilets at Ataoja School of Science, Osogbo, Osun State for the next eight months .

The judge added that an attendance record of the convict who has served his sentence meticulously from the beginning to the end of the eight months must be submitted to the court for inspection.

Nigeria’s EFCC seems to be cracking down on the activities of cyber fraudsters lately.

Not so long ago, the agency arrested no less than 30 people suspected of being internet fraudsters in Abuja.

It is reported that the suspects were all arrested in the suburbs of Lugbe and Kubwa in Abuja, following credible intelligence gathering.

After their arrest, Mercedes Benz, Lexus and Toyota cars, cell phones and laptops were recovered from the suspects.

Meanwhile, in Ghana, New Juaben South Municipal Chief Executive Isaac Appaw Gyasi has revealed that some security personnel in his municipality have thwarted efforts to arrest sex traffickers and kingpins of the sex trade. by disclosing information to them.

According to him, whenever his team plans to arrest the perpetrators, the security officers who are supposed to make the arrest inform the suspects beforehand and they run away.

Gyasi made the allegation in an interview with Movement TV in response to growing sex trafficking activity in Koforidua, the eastern regional capital.

“I cannot condone and connivance on this threat. I am the first MCE to suppress these people. But the truth is, whenever we plan to raid the premises, some moles will leak our operation plans to alert them. When we get our intelligence and sit down to discuss plans to conduct the operation to run over them, some people leak the information. I don’t want to mention a specific security agency that does that” said the MCE.

An investigation by Starr FM has revealed that some young Nigerian women are being trafficked into Ghana for sexual exploitation by the conspiracy of some Ghanaians and Nigerians under the guise of securing decent and well paid jobs for them in Ghana.

“We have the Municipal Security Council which I chair and we have the REGSEC Regional Security Council which I am a member of. Every time we meet it becomes a topical issue which the Regional Minister is very concerned about and committed to. deal. But you need trustworthy security personnel who won’t leak information to suspects,” he added.

Despite the security personnel’s alleged betrayal, Gyasi said he and his team would not back down and would continue to do everything in their power to curb the activities of sex workers and drug traffickers. sex.

“We will not allow them to shame the municipality. We will surprise them, arrest them and demolish the illegal structures they have built.

“I am coming to gather neutral agencies like the military and other security personnel who will not disclose operational plans. This is a very serious issue,” he added. he said.


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