Durham University student signs up as a charity ambassador to educate young men about the dangers of testicular cancer


Durham University student signs up as a charity ambassador to educate young men about the dangers of testicular cancer

A Durham University student will combine her studies with another role in education after signing up to support a testicular cancer charity. Iona Landale has secured the role of University Ambassador for the OddBalls Foundation and beginning in the fall term, she will help the organization encourage men to self-check for signs of the disease, the most prominent form in men. men aged 15 to 49.

Iona, 20, from Perthshire in Scotland, is studying human geography at university. Passionate about equestrian pursuits, particularly eventing, Iona has also been involved in various other aspects of university life and was recruited by an existing OddBalls Foundation University Ambassador during a recent visit to Durham.

The OddBalls Foundation was founded in 2015 and is closely associated with the colorful underwear brand OddBalls. A person is diagnosed with testicular cancer every hour in the UK, but if caught early it is curable in over 90% of cases. The foundation’s academic ambassadors visit schools, universities and workplaces, give talks about testicular cancer and remind boys and men to check their testicles, removing all stigma and embarrassment about it and disease. Ambassadors also place the OddBalls Foundation’s Check Yourself guides in public spaces and workplaces.

Iona comments: “As a woman, I really wanted to do my part to open the conversation and break the taboo on testicular cancer among the boys who are close to me, but also the girls.
I like to promote the OddBalls Foundation, as well as underwear, at Durham Fashion Shows as they are hugely popular amongst students in Durham and beyond so it’s a great way to get the word out on the importance of checking yourself.

In her role as University Ambassador for the OddBalls Foundation, Iona is keen to have an open dialogue with men who want to learn more about testicular cancer and how to check for signs of the disease. She welcomes contacts from anyone wishing to speak and can be reached by emailing her attention at Hello@TheOddBallsFoundation.com.

To learn more about The OddBalls Foundation and its work, visit https://theoddballsfoundation.com and www.facebook.com/TheOddBallsFoundation, or follow @oddballsfdn on Instagram and Twitter.



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