Explicit Tinder messages inspire Northampton University student’s fashion collection


A 22-year-old college student, who received explicit messages from Tinder, used her dating app experiences as inspiration for her collection of fashion textiles.

The barrage of unwanted messages arriving in Molly Anne Barchard’s app inbox have included comments about her appearance and unsolicited sexual advances.

She took some of the weirdest and weirdest messages and printed them on a bodysuit, pants, top and vest.

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Molly Anne Barchard, 22, pictured with her full bodysuit displaying some of the explicit messages she received on Tinder.

Molly, who is in her third year of her Textiles for Fashion course at the University of Northampton, said: ‘Some of the posts may be funny but some are just plain mean and I would really like to know why people take the time and efforts to send them.

“Unfortunately, dating apps trick people into focusing on looks rather than personality, so people judge you on a picture. So often it’s about looks and it puts so much pressure on women No one needs to be told they need bigger boobs, or someone sexualizes you before they even meet you.

Molly, from Leighton Buzzard, added: “I want to highlight what it feels like to be a single woman in the modern world of app dating.

“At a time when we celebrate how far we’ve come in terms of equality, we really haven’t come this far when women like me receive these kinds of unwanted messages.”

Molly Anne Barchard’s full bodysuit displaying some of the explicit messages she received on Tinder.

Despite her experiences, Molly says she hasn’t been put off by dating apps.

She said: “They can be a great way to meet people. You just have to browse horrible things to find someone normal and click with.

Fashion lecturer Jane Mills added: “I was impressed with how Molly turned a negative experience into a positive one, by hand-screen-printing the messages she received.

“I am both proud and impressed that, in the realization of her end of year collection, Molly has demonstrated her willingness to address and communicate an important and challenging issue that affects so many women.

“Through her printed textiles, Molly has created an effective and unwavering insight that focuses on a contemporary issue that plagues the use of social media and its use in dating in the 21st century.”


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