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Ex-Queens University student sues school claiming golf coach reported her as gay

CHARLOTTE — A former Queens University student has filed a lawsuit against the school, claiming her golf coach called her gay, leading to humiliation, sexual harassment and depression.

According to the lawsuit, when she was on the women’s golf team several years ago, she had not yet been released.

The lawsuit claims that in 2018, her coach began “questioning members of the women’s golf team and athletic staff about the complainant’s sexuality and told them that the complainant was gay.”

The lawsuit says the coach followed his partner’s social media and told the athletic director the athlete was gay. The lawsuit goes on to say that when the student complained to the school’s Title IX office, he ruled that the coaching staff did not violate the policy.

“It’s inherently harassment,” the lawsuit said.

Clark Simon is the Chairman of the Board of Charlotte Pride. He has no connection to the student or the lawsuit, but spoke to Channel 9 as an advocate for people who found themselves in this situation.

“I find it disgusting. No one’s story should be told by anyone other than that person and if they hadn’t come out they clearly weren’t comfortable doing it,” Simon said.

The lawsuit claims that after she was discharged, the student did not want to be on campus, was humiliated and suffered from insomnia and depression.

Her grades plummeted, she lost her scholarship money and was ostracized by her teammates, according to the lawsuit.

“It’s not uncommon if it’s not you, you know someone who’s been outed. And some people can’t take it in the stride of other people, it takes a heavy mental toll on them. LGBTQ youth are four times more likely to attempt suicide than their straight peers,” Simon said.

The lawsuit said it took more than a year for the school to put the coach on administrative leave.

A spokesperson for Queens University sent a statement to Channel 9 saying: “The University takes all allegations related to sexual harassment very seriously and has robust policies, procedures, reporting mechanisms and training in place to solve these problems.

The lawsuit claims that despite these policies, the school “took no such action.”

Queens University said the coach, athletic director and Title IX coordinator are still employed by the university.

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