Fresno Pacific University Student Wins Sandler Sales Training Scholarship


Kaysi Curtin (in yellow) of Sandler Training in Fresno awarded a sales training scholarship to Lauren Farrar (center), a student at the University of Fresno Pacific, who is in the class of Professor Breck Harris (wearing the suit dark). Photo by Frank Lopez

published on 29 April 2022 – 15:37
Written by Frank Lopez

A local student/entrepreneur has won a scholarship that aims to help her develop her sales and business strategies.

Lauren Farrar, 21, a marketing student at Fresno Pacific University, received a $4,500 scholarship on Friday from Kaysi Curtin, president of Sandler Training in Fresno, a local branch of the professional sales training organization. Sandler Training.

Curtin is the former sales director of The Business Journal.

The scholarship will provide Farrar with a 10-week training course in Fresno to learn how to become a more effective sales professional.

“I really didn’t expect to win,” Farrar said. “I’ve just had a small business for a few years now and it helps further my career, so that’s really exciting.”

Farrar has been running Brush of Wonders since she was in high school, painting custom items such as shoes, jackets and watch bands. She is trying to break into the wedding business by painting acrylic sheets and signage for weddings.

Farrar said Curtin caught his eye after his first class lecture, vigorously taking notes and later trying to apply all of the strategies and techniques that Curtin shared.

Farrar said she had never considered going into sales before, but her experience with the class and Curtin made her reconsider.

Farrar is the most active on Instagram, where she gets most of her orders from.

Curtin was a regular guest lecturer on Professor Breck Harris’ “Sales Management” course. She plans to award the $4,500 scholarship to students each year.

Students in the class were asked to write an essay on why they should be selected for the scholarship training opportunity, with Farrar’s essay selected after review by Curtin and Harris.

“Offering a student who is new to sales this kind of specialized training this early on is unique and very important to a student’s resume,” Harris said.

Curtin said Farrar’s essay encapsulates Sandler’s training and sales philosophy for all aspects of life.

“It doesn’t matter what industry you get into. If you ever become a business owner or entrepreneur, you need to know how to sell — yourself, your product, and your services,” Curtin said.


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