Get a degree or university degree – advice from UK-based artists


Animations of Wednesday July 20, 2022


UK based Ghanaian singer and songwriter, Marco Lowrey

UK-based Ghanaian singer and songwriter Marco Lowrey has advised his colleagues in the entertainment and sports fraternity to get at least a university degree or diploma.

Marco, who is currently in Ghana, shared this advice in an interview with Y 107.9 FM’s Kokonsa Kester on the “Dryve of your Lyfe” show. He indicated that artists and professionals would have backups or certifications to come across what they have been through hard in their career.

“I am a person who believes you should have an education no matter what. As a professional in the fields of entertainment and sports, you should at least have a degree, or better yet, a degree that you can stumble upon when times get tough.”

He added that earning a college degree as prescribed by his parents allowed him to pursue his dream career with his father’s blessing.

“My parents pushed me to go to higher education, which I did and that was useful to me, but after I did what was expected of me, I told my father that I wanted to pursue music, and knowing that it was my greatest interest, he gave me his blessings”.

Marco Lowrey is currently in Ghana and on tour to promote his new single “Money Motivation 2.0”.


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