Governor DeSantis cuts Florida International University scholarships by $250,000 from budget


Govt. Ron DeSantis Thursday cut a $250,000 line item from the 2022-23 state budget that would have helped cover college tuition and an internship program for Florida International University students.

The money would have covered the registration of FIU students at Central Washington (TWC), which since 1975 has welcomed more than 60,000 students to the nation’s capital for advanced study and real-world experience.

Republican Senator from Miami Ana Maria Rodriguez demand funds September 30. Republican Representative from Miami. Vance Aloupis filed a support request in the House on November 16 with the co-sponsorship of Hollywood Democratic Rep. Mary Woodson.

“The funds will allow students from public Florida universities to spend a summer or semester in Washington, D.C., interning with a private company, nonprofit organization, federal agency, or member of Congress,” reads an abstract. of the program in Rodriguez’s application form. “Students also engage in a range of leadership and professional activities while earning college credit (and) will come away…with a much better understanding of the professional world and how to successfully join the workforce after graduation. university graduation.”

The program would have benefited more than 200 students, according to a distribution of state scholarships planned for 2022 TWC published and FIU documents.

The vetoed funds represent just 0.008% of the $3.1 billion DeSantis withdrew from Florida annual budget — a record sum “by far,” according to a press release from the governor’s office.

After the Governor signed itthe budget still contained $109.9 billion in spending plans, $8 billion more than the previous year.

DeSantis attributed the higher spending to the buoyant Florida economy, which he said “has allowed the state to outpace the nation in jobs, growth and business creation.”

The so-called ‘Freedom First’ budget includes $800 million for teacher salary increases – the largest increase in state history – as well as $549 million for hand education programs $400 million for school safety and mental health initiatives, $125 million for nursing education programs. to help address nursing shortages and a per-student investment of $8,143 in Florida’s education funding program, a year-over-year increase of $385 per student.

It also includes approximately $630 million of various appropriations for the FIU alone.

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