GSFC University: Student-Centred, Industry-Focused, Opportunity-Focused


GSFC University has become a reputable, thriving university with emerging courses and programs, as well as innovative activities and events in a rich academic atmosphere. It has established itself as a Compact & Boutique University on the one hand, while being an agile and inclusive ecosystem. Of course, the University does not compromise on academic impairment. The focus on industry is the most differentiating ingredient in the entire teaching and learning landscape at the University.

Three key levers distinguish the University from other universities.


-Focus on developing students’ latent potentials by forming a President’s Meritorius Group of bright students through a unique initiative called PINUPS (President’s Initiative to Foster Unlimited Student Potential). Students are exposed to the world through experiential and enriching activities.

-Students are supported to organize activities on their own with guidance support that helps hone various managerial skills needed to be successful professionals.

-Support in starting and incubating their ideas that have commercial potential through our own Section 8 company called GUIITAR Council, recognized for SSIP, Deptt. Of education, government. of Gujarat and approved as Nodal Center, Industries Commissionarate, Govt. from Gujarat.

– State-of-the-art infrastructure with laboratories and classrooms to provide quality education to students.

-Sports and school activities through student-run clubs in dynamic activities that develop the holistic personality.

-Participation in various co-curricular and co-curricular activities provides additional credits strengthening the academic profile of students for future career opportunities.

-Safe and healthy environment for student welfare with 24/7 medical facilities, green and clean campus.

Industry Focused:

-Interlacing of theory and practice according to a medical college concept where students encounter real professional situations to improve their knowledge and skills.

-Student internship each semester provides students with industry-focused learning, which sets them apart from students at other universities.

-Faculty Industrial Internship helps bring industry practices into classrooms.

-Memorandums of understanding with various companies strengthen the link with industry, which helps bring industry attention to campus.

-30% of faculties come from industry to teach and train students, making academics rich in knowledge and skills.

-50% of the members of the Study Council and the Academic Council are from industry, which makes the study program industry-oriented.

– Immersive learning through hands-on workshops, plant and process tours that give rich exposure to various facets of the industry.

Career Focused:

– Courses and programs of emerging relevance that create employment opportunities for students.

-The emphasis on skills development helps to increase career opportunities for students.

-Active placement cell that supports students for better industry placement opportunities.

-Advice on further education after graduation in India and abroad by eminent academic partners enables students to gain admission into reputable universities.

-Huge support to be a start-up entrepreneur through the incubation of ideas by our Section 8 company called GUIITAR Council creates another option for a successful career.

-The campus itself is a rarity that invigorates body, mind and soul with its verdant surroundings, especially the 400 year old Banyan Tree creating a moving opportunity beyond the classroom to connect with his higher self.

Our distinct programs:

(A) Fire, environment, health and safety

The University is the only university in the state to offer B.Tech (Fire and Environment, Health, Safety Engineering) with the fine infrastructure on fire and safety in cooperation with GSFC Ltd and state-of-the-art laboratories in come with the support of the Airports Authority of India. The University is poised to become the center of excellence in the field of fire and safety in the times to come. In order to meet the emerging demand for fire and safety professionals, the University has launched a few additional programs – B.Sc (Fire and Industrial Safety) and Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety from the academic year 2021-22. Recent fires in schools, hospitals, theaters, etc. revealed the lack of compliance. Therefore, the state government issued a regulation that would open huge job opportunities for fire safety professionals as well. The University aims to prepare the best professionals using state-of-the-art resources.

(B) Business Analysis

This is another area expected to grow very high in India as well as globally. As different sectors are demanding professionals who can apply analytical tools, the University plans to create such professionals. Therefore, the BBA in Business Analytics program is launched from the academic year 2021-22. The University plans to collaborate with industry partners and bring in industry professionals to teach the discipline. This will enhance the value of the program and the placement opportunities for students not only in India but also abroad.

(C) Mechanical Engineering with Intelligent and Robotic Manufacturing and Automation

The University is revamping its existing B.Tech (mechanical engineering) program by introducing smart manufacturing, robotics and automation. This will help prepare students for the industry and provide them with new skills that will help them advance in their career path. As the future of manufacturing lies in Industry 4.0, such specializations will place students directly in the field with high potential for career growth.

(D) Cybersecurity

The current B.Tech (Computer Science Engineering) program is strengthened with the introduction of a new specialization – Cyber ​​Security. As there is a huge growing demand for cybersecurity professionals, the program will give a cutting edge to CSE students. They will have better career opportunities in the field of IT in terms of work and remuneration.

(E) Applied Sciences

The University’s School of Science plans to start Industrial Chemistry and Microbiology at B.Sc level, while Industrial Microbiology at M.Sc level from the year 2021-22. As these sectors are growing rapidly, there is a huge demand for such professionals in these sectors. With the latest laboratories and a strong connection with industry, GSFC University emerges as the destination for education.

All our efforts are directed towards building a promising future for our students. We ensure that students do not miss any opportunity to grow and lead a distinct life in this competitive world. Needless to say, student aspirations are our ambitions.

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