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Do you dream of studying at Harvard University, but afraid of the overwhelming cost of studying at such a famous university? We have good news! Harvard University Scholarship 2018 Gives Students the Education of Their Dreams Almost Free! Learn more.

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Harvard University scholarship for international students

Of course, studying at Harvard is expensive, but only if you pay for it entirely yourself. In fact, more than half of university students benefit from financial aid which, in some cases, covers almost all of the tuition fees.

When awarding scholarships, Harvard does not divide students into local and foreign students, providing the same aid, the amount of which depends only on the financial situation of the student’s family.

It should be noted that at Harvard University a scholarship can only be obtained due to the financial situation of the students. In other words, your high performance, athletic, or social accomplishments will not be a reason for granting you scholarships. Harvard students can only receive such financial support from external funds that are not directly related to the university.

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How to get a scholarship at Harvard University

The Harvard University scholarship application process is almost the same for American and foreign students.

For scholarships you need:

  • Fill out the CSS PROFILE form

This is a standardized scholarship application form for US universities. you can fill it here. This should be done before February 1 or November 1 (for an advance ruling on the stock exchanges).

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When filling out the form, don’t forget to specify the Harvard University code – 3434.

  • Submit IDoc package documents

Through the Institutional Documentation Service (IDOC), you must submit additional financial documents for the university to review individually for each student. These are documents showing your family’s financial situation. These include bank statements, parental certificates, documents on existing businesses and real estate, etc.

Who has a real chance of getting a scholarship?

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Harvard University offers the greatest financial aid to students from families with a total income of less than $ 65,000 per year. Students from families with an annual income over $ 65,000 can count on scholarships from Harvard University.

So, if the total family income does not exceed $ 65,000 per year, a student can receive full funding for tuition and campus life, which costs $ 65,609 per year.

When reviewing documents, the university also takes into account the family circumstances of other students, including the presence of a single parent, financial obligations or dependents. The bottom line is that all of this is documented.

The decision to award a scholarship and its amount is taken by the university individually for each student. In some cases, students receive scholarships that cover almost the entire tuition fee!

If not, how does Harvard help students?

Harvard University Scholarships
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According to Harvard University, the amount paid by an average student typically consists of a scholarship, parental contribution, student work income during the school year, and student work income during vacation.

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About 78% of all university students earn extra money while studying, which helps them pay for their education and related expenses. 39% of students start earning extra money in the first year.

Harvard not only supports local and international students who want to earn money, but also helps them find vacancies on campus and beyond. The university structure includes a specialized student employment office, which provides students with comprehensive support in the job search process. In particular, foreign applicants can work up to 20 hours per week during their studies and an unlimited number of hours during holidays.

Today, Harvard University is one of the most famous institutions of higher learning not only in the United States, but around the world. Many of its graduates are among the world’s scientific or political elite, and the university itself is part of the “Ivy League” – an unofficial association of the top eight universities in the United States, which are considered education references. It is a tremendous impulse to access a prestigious profession and a high social status. Harvard University graduates are in great demand around the world.

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The Harvard scholarships, which appear every year, are therefore very important. Every Nigerian should try their luck and, perhaps, become one of the graduates of the legendary institution!

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