Harvard University student newspaper endorses BDS movement – ​​Middle East Monitor


The Harvard University student daily has announced its support and endorsement of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against the Israeli occupation, making it one of the most significant steps taken by an American university against the occupation.

the Harvard Crimson The editorial board announced in its article yesterday that it now “proudly” supports the BDS movement, stating that “we are proud to finally bring our support to both Palestinian liberation and BDS – and we call on all world to do the same”.

The newspaper’s editorial board admitted that where it had previously taken a “skeptical” stance on the issue, it has now turned to full support for the BDS campaign, insisting that “the weight of this moment – violations of human rights and international law by Israel and Palestine crying out for freedom – demands this step”.

This shift in mentality, he said, was made possible through the education campaigns and artwork presented by the university’s Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

In addition to highlighting Israel’s continued occupation of Palestinian territory, transgressions against Palestinian human rights, and constant violations of international law by Tel Aviv, he also acknowledged that there is a “crushing power imbalance in the discourse and debate surrounding the question of Israel. and Palestine.

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This imbalance, which tilts overwhelmingly in favor of the Israeli narrative within American institutions and governance, allows 26 states in the country to impose legal pressure on companies that decide to boycott Israel.

The journal’s editorial board acknowledged, in this regard, that “we are perfectly aware of the privilege we have of having an institutional and effectively anonymous signature. watch lists tacitly and shamefully linking them to terrorism. »

Launched in 2005, the BDS movement advocates boycotting Israeli products imported from the occupied Palestinian territories in the West Bank, as well as boycotting and divesting from companies that deal with or have contracts with the ongoing occupation.

Struggles for and against the movement have been seen in universities across Western countries, especially in the United States, and have led such leading institutions as Columbia University, the University of Manchester and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) to pass resolutions and adopt measures in support of BDS.

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