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From bachelor’s degrees to record deals, the efforts of the University’s vibrant and talented community continue to shape the climate of the world, whether through academics or music. Here is a playlist of nine original songs written, performed and released by the classes of 2022-2025.

“Japanese Soda” by One South Lark

Third-year college student and guitarist Grayson Worley, along with four of his childhood friends, formed One South Lark in their hometown of New Orleans. Although the band members now attend different schools on the east coast, One South Lark has managed to amass over 3 million streams on Spotify due to the traction of songs like “404” and “Japanese Soda”. Worley recently reunited with his bandmates to bring the indie surf-rock sound to Rugby Road at the Spring Quad Party on April 9.

“Ballers & Senators” by Mick Mazin

“Ballers & Senators” is the opening track from “mickstape”, the debut album by fourth-year student Eddie Micklovic. Rapping under the pseudonym Mick Mazin, Micklovic flows to soulful beats and delivers lines on the duality of the college lifestyle, from parties to priorities.

“The lyrics to this song are mostly about my development as a human and an artist throughout college,” Micklovic said. “It starts with me being ‘Nervous, my purpose is more than music’ – a fear I’ve had all my life. It ends with me proclaiming that in five years

“I’ll be a goatee like Ye,” demonstrating the confidence I’ve developed in myself as an artist since coming to U.Va..”

“Brian Tafazoli Dies and Goes to Wendy’s” by Brian Tafazoli

Brian Tafazoli, a freshman in college and a member of the drums of the Cavalier Marching Band, is a guitar whiz. Tafazoli’s musical background and affinity for math rock artists like Chon contribute to the layered melodies and intricate rhythms running through “Brian Tafazoli Dies and Goes to Wendy’s”.

“The song follows the story of growing up from trauma,” Tafazoli said, recalling his battle with post-traumatic stress disorder following a recurring pneumothorax in high school. With over twenty time signature changes, the song’s meandering trajectory reflects perseverance through a non-linear healing process.

“Musically, it’s the funniest song I’ve ever had, and I feel like it’s easy to hear,” Tafazoli said. “There are so many details in the song that amateur mixing unfortunately overlooks, but the process of creating this song showed me that I want to make music for the rest of my life.”

“Changing Lanes” by Wayve

Fourth-year college student Wayne Barnes, also known as Wayve or 4C Wayve, brings melodic rap to Charlottesville, bringing with him influences from Juice WRLD and Roddy Rich. Barnes, who recently open for Trippie Redd at UPC’s Springfest concert, garnered 800,000 streams on Spotify. ‘Switch Lanes’, with over half a million streams, is the lead track from Barnes’ debut album, ‘Self Discovered’.

“Awkward Romance” by Luke Richard Powers

Sophomore Luke Powers is a singer, songwriter, and acoustic guitarist who loves country and folk icons like John Denver and James Taylor. Powers’ newest single, “Clumsy Romance,” precedes the release of his second EP, “As I Am,” which will be released on May 13. Powers’ influences come through in the form of smooth guitar slides, nasal vocals and heartfelt lyricism.

“Knowing that while I’m very organized, capable, and social in most settings, I can be pretty clumsy when I start to really fall in love with someone,” Powers said of the song’s inspiration. “To be perfectly honest, this song was about this hope of finding someone okay with this.”

Powers mirrors the awkwardness theme by using a 6/8 time signature, giving the track a less structural and lagging waltz feel.

“What Kind of Man” by Farrah Hanna

“What Kind of Man,” produced by third-year student Elie Bashkow, is an emotional indie anthem released by third-year student singer and songwriter Farrah Nasralla. Hanna released her third single, titled “Growing Up/Apart” on April 22.

“Just What I Need” by Marti

Caroline Hullman, a fourth-year college student, evoked gritty vocals and spatial guitar chords on “Just What I Need”, the first single released from his indie-rock project titled Marti. The song was re-released last year as part of Hullman’s self-titled EP, a cosmic fusion of edginess and emotionality produced by fourth-year business student Nate Cantu.

“Queen of Cups” by Ceterus

Ceterus, made up of three university alumni and third-year engineering student Daichi Monma, became a popular indie rock band within the university’s house show scene from 2019 to 2020. Ceterus’ hiatus after his bandmates’ graduation, the band lives off their published music and the existence of Sycamore Jade, a five-piece spin-off band formed by three former members of Ceterus.

“Queen of Cups” is a highlight of Ceterus’ diverse discography, with catchy guitar riffs and a youthful chorus that reads: “For now let’s chase the feeling / Raise your glass to the ceiling / While the queen of cups staggers / And I just can’t reach you.

Midge’s “Try”

After giving up her spot as the frontman of a DC-based indie band to attend college, freshman Megan Clancy now writes, records and produces original music from her bedroom under the moniker Midge. Clancy showcases his velvety vocals and guitar skills on “Try,” one of the standout tracks from his indie EP “Karaoke.”


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