‘I’m so grateful’: College student thrilled to see Arkells perform after band helped reschedule exam


Arkells made a tour stop in Kitchener on Friday night, and in the crowd was a Brock University student who had one of her exams rescheduled with a little help from the band.

“I want to apologize to my class for putting off the whole exam,” Savannah Tarantella told CTV News ahead of the concert. “It wasn’t my intention. I’m so grateful for everything that happened. It’s so cool.”

The show at Aud was originally scheduled for February but due to the pandemic it was postponed to April 22.

Tarantella was heartbroken when she realized the date coincided with her Mineralogy II exam, which was due to take place on April 22 from 7-10 p.m., the exact time of the concert.

She contacted her teaching assistant who suggested that she ask for an accommodation.

Then a friend had another idea: contact the Arkells directly to see if they could help.

Tarantella, who grew up in Hamilton where the band got their start, took to social media.

Lead singer Max Kerman not only responded, he wrote a note to pass on to his teacher that said, in part, “I understand that you – as a teacher – can’t make this exception every time. But we hope you allow Sav to take her exam another day so she can join us at the show.”

Her teacher approved the request, saying it was the first time she had approved accommodation for a rock concert, and that “having the lead singer write a message is a good idea.”

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“I’m so grateful,” Tarantella said. “I understand college is very serious and school is my 100% top priority, but it was great that the prof decided to give me some leeway.”

The exam has been pushed back from Friday night to Thursday.

“I live for live music,” Tarantella told CTV News before the concert. “I’m so happy that we finally got to a place where we can start again.”

She was also hoping to hear the band perform the song “Savannah.”

“I’m very, very excited.”


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