Issahaku Walaman-i, a student at Ashesi University, builds a solar panel that cleans itself from twilight

  • A brilliant Ghanaian student has produced a self-cleaning solar panel device as part of his school project
  • The device reduces the cost of hiring manual cleaners, the risk of scaling roofs and improves the efficiency of solar panels
  • The gentleman named Issahaku Walaman-i came up with the idea to produce the device after his school Ashesi University installed 720 solar panels which worked dusty overtime

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Issahaku Walaman-i, a brilliant final year student at Ashesi University in Ghana, as part of his final year project, built an innovative device that keeps solar panels clean without any direct human intervention.

A publication from Ashesi University says that by the time Issahaku Walaman-i enrolled in Ashesi as an engineering student, the university had installed 720 solar panels on campus rooftops.

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While on campus, Issahaku noticed that dust quickly collected on the university’s solar panels during dry seasons, so he dedicated his senior year project to building a device that could be deployed to clean up. automatically the solar panels.

Issahaku Walaman-i
Issahaku Walaman-i, final year student at Ashesi University and his self-cleaning solar device Photo credit: @ashesi/Facebook
Source: Facebook

How does the self-cleaning solar device work?

The solar panel cleaning device consists of a housing, a rotating cleaning brush and a sprinkler configuration connected to a water source, which all work together to perform a back-and-forth motion. comes which helps to clean the dust on the surface of the panel.

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In addition to reducing the risk of climbing to manually clean solar panels and also the cumulative cost of hiring manual cleaners, Issahaku explained the problem his innovation solves in these terms:

When dust settles on the surface of solar panels, it reduces the amount of sunlight that reaches the panel and therefore the amount of power and the efficiency of the panel is also reduced.

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Comments on social networks

Paul Gyen Juniors commented:

Wondering if the device itself is solar powered. And also to ask: if the roof of a building is already full of solar panels, it would have to be redesigned for this new device to adapt.

Nana Kwame Yeboah said:

Brilliant idea. Good start. In the future, dust should not pollute the area. Otherwise, other panels will become dirty as a result of the cleaning process. A dust collection bag and a suction system can be attached. Great effort. Keep improving it.

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