Jadavpur University student reportedly says ‘can grab any faculty’s collar’, audio goes viral


An audio clip has gone viral on social media platforms in which a student can be heard saying he can grab any teacher’s collar. It became “shocking and terrifying” to most teachers at the university.

In the audio, a JU TMCP student leader can be heard threatening JU teachers, especially those who are JUTA members. He says he can easily “grab the collar” of any teacher at the university.

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Partha Pratim Ray, Secretary General of Jadavpur Teachers Association (JUTA) wrote in a letter that the recent incidents of violence against teachers are “After this audio, can JU teachers feel safe? If something happens to one of the teachers, who will take responsibility for it?” He then asked, “Is this part of a big conspiracy against the JU teacher community? We strongly believe that the majority of students are not related to these activities at all and they respect all JU teachers.”

“One of the reasons for JU’s accomplishments is the strong teacher-student relationship that exists here. This audio establishes that there is a plan to sever this strong teacher-student relationship,” the letter read.

Referring to recent incidents at West Bengal-based universities such as Visva Bharti University, the letter said, “We have noticed that Vice Chancellors and teachers are subject to abuse and attacks from some student leaders from other academic institutions. Is the same culture also going to be introduced in JU?”

Apparently, this unverified audio from News18 shows a student leader threatening over the phone. The said head of TMCP college says in audio that he has the courage to touch teachers’ collars. After teachers’ complaints, JU authorities said they would investigate the case.

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