Johnson Sakaja degree saga: Commission for University Education (CUE) requests 10 papers


In a press briefing shortly after Professor Chacha Nyaigoti Chacha of CUE announced that Sakaja would be required to appear before the commission and provide it with the 10 pieces, Sakaja alleged that the commission had confirmed in the same declaration that he met all the requirements of the law and had already submitted part of what he was asked to submit.

“He confirmed very clearly that I am eligible because I meet the requirements of the law. 6e of June as he admitted I presented my documents to the CUE (Commission pour l’Enseignement Universitaire). I have presented them with some of what they are asking for. I presented my diplomas. I presented my transcripts, Sakaja noted.

Below is video of Sakaja speaking to the press in response, courtesy of NTV.

Sakaja’s team’s controversial university degree certificate has been on the radar, with CUE revoking it in light of recent developments which have called the validity of his certificate into question.

10 items CUE wants from Sakaja

Professor Chacha Nyaigoti Chacha of CUE noted that in a bid to establish how Sakaja got his degree and whether he really studied or not, the Nairobi County Governor aspirant was asked to present the elements below to the commission.

1. His application for the course

2. University Admission Letter

3. Booklet that bears his name

4. Proof of registration, including student card

5. Credit Accumulation and Transfer System (ATS)

6. Course Description for Bachelor of Science in Management (External)

9. Exam times

10. Receipts for registration, tuition, graduation and convocation, names of professors who taught him some of the courses, any communication with university staff (academic and administrative) regarding his course in college, photo of graduation while wearing the gown and Proof of required credit hours covered.

Chacha explained that although Team University in Uganda is a recognized institution, the number of complaints received by the CUE calls for further investigation and the commission has therefore revoked Sakaja’s degree.

“Furthermore, the Commission invited Hon. Sakaja to attend a meeting on Monday, June 20, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. to provide additional information that may assist investigations,” said the CUE boss.

The lawmaker however blamed President Uhuru Kenyatta for his woes even as he maintains he will be on the ballot.


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