Kenya: CUE revokes the recognition of the university degree of the Sakaja team


Nairobi – The Commission for University Education has for the second time revoked its recognition of Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja’s degree.

CUE said in a letter to Independent Elections and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Chairman Wafula Chebukati on Thursday that they had yet to receive any evidence from Sakaja or Team University that he had in fact obtained a degree from the Uganda-based institution.

“That as a result of these investigations, we have not received any evidence from NCHE, Team University or Sakaja proving that Sakaja pursued studies at Team University and obtained a bachelor’s degree in management sciences (external) ( see attached our letter to NCHE and the communication from NCHE and Team University which makes no reference to evidence of the continuation of said studies as requested),” CUE Director General Mwenda Ntaragwi said.

Ntaragwi argued that failure to submit “even the most basic evidence of study and the graduation process inevitably renders the submitted degree certificate insufficient to prove that Sakaja studied physically or remotely and that he has a university degree”.

He added that Sakaja ignored their earlier request to appear before the Commission and shed light on the authenticity of his degree.

Ntaragwi went further saying that their investigations had established that Team University was not, at the said period, accredited by the National Commission for Higher Education to offer such a degree.

He said the decision was communicated to Sakaja, adding that he had the right to appeal the decision.

The move comes a week after CUE withdrew its letter revoking recognition of Sakaja’s degree.

The Commission withdrew the revocation of recognition of Sakaja’s degree from Team University until further investigations are completed.

“The defendant wishes to confirm to the court that the subset of this lawsuit being June 14, 2022 from which review is sought is hereby withdrawn pending further investigations by the defendants -CUE whose investigations are ongoing,” the court documents read.


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