Killer of a university student killed during an encounter


Islamabad: One of the suspected killers involved in the killing of a National University of Modern Languages ​​(NUML) student was shot dead during a clash with police in Bhara Kahu.

NUML student Qasim Awan, 24, was killed at Fatima Jinnah Park (F-9) on June 5 while taking a walk in the evening. The slain student was working with a food delivery chain to cover the expenses of his education. After reporting the incident, a case was registered with Margalla Police.

Inspector General of Police (Islamabad) Dr Akbar Nasir in a press conference at the police line headquarters on Thursday said the gang leader, identified as Mohsin Ali Khan, was killed during of an encounter with the police in Islamabad.

He said that taking the arrest of the killer of a NUML student as a challenge to the police, a combination of experts, including investigators, detectors and incursors, was assembled under the command of DIG (Operations ) Sohail Zafar Chatha and led by SP (Sadar) Kamran Aamer Khan and instructed them to advance the gangsters involved in the murder of the student.

“The police team started their work on the very first day of the incident and managed to get clues about the gangsters,” the IGP said. Sherabad Office, Chak Korhiana, Jhang District.

“The gang was wanted by the police for different crimes including murder, highway robbery, assault and armed offences,” Dr Akbar Nasir said, adding that a police team, after receiving information, raided his hideout in Bakhar and arrested him. with a large quantity of weapons and ammunition and transferred it to Islamabad for further investigation.

The suspect, while grilling, confessed to murdering NUML student Qasim Awan at F-9 Park on June 5 and later buried his gun near a nullah next to a high-rise building in the area E-11. “As the police team arrived at the scene to retrieve the weapon, the drivers of a car opened fire on the police and released Mohsin Ali from custody and disappeared from the scene. “The police continued their efforts to track down the defendants at large and continued to raid their hideouts,” the IGP said.

Disclosing the details of the case, he said the accused, during his interrogation, informed the police of the location of the murder and the weapon which his accomplice Imtiazullah Khan had hidden in a green belt near a drain , in sector E-11.

As soon as the police rushed to the scene to discover the tool, suddenly four people got out of a vehicle and opened fire on the group of police officers.

During exchanges of gunfire, the accused managed to escape from police custody and later another case was registered against him at the Golra police station.

SHO Bhara Kahu and his team were conducting a routine check in his area when they signaled to stop a vehicle on suspicion, the accused in the vehicle opened fire on police who responded by taking action security, while the accused took advantage of the darkness and fled.

When police checked, one of the defendants was found dead with a Kalashnikov identified as Mohsin Ali Khan. The accused was shot dead by his own accomplices and a case was filed at Bhara Kahu Police Station regarding the incident.

He appreciated DIG (Operations) Sohail Zafar Chatha, SP (Sadar) Kamran Amir Khan and his team who worked hard and found the accused.


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