Lanae celebrates her university graduation | Entertainment


Singer-songwriter Lanae has never been shy about emphasizing the importance of education in her life, even after facing some of the biggest obstacles.

While she knew she had talent to rely on, the singer knew that her college career needed to be completed. Now she’s making room on her shelf for more rewards. On Tuesday, Lanae showed off her Bachelor of Science in Management Studies, earned with upper second class honors, which she earned at the University of the West Indies.

“Who wants to start something and doesn’t want to finish or achieve their goal? I know I certainly wouldn’t want to know what happened. I worked for the first two years and when it was necessary to take a break , I took it. I always knew I was going to finish and I wanted to make my parents proud,” Lanae said. THE WEEKEND STAR. “They are serious about education. I am the first in my immediate family to graduate. I am looking forward to graduating in November.”

His management studies served him well. With direct knowledge of business and finance, she said she better understands how to navigate the music industry to achieve her goals. And 2022 will find her in the role of ambassador for a financing firm. As for her post-graduation projects, she already has a few goals in mind.

Lanae said, “I feel good now that I can fully focus on the music and have so much new music coming this year. A lot of people think it doesn’t make sense to invest so much in training. University but I learned so much It really helps build character I am also considering some serious business ventures.

Her manager, Carlington Wilmot, said it meant a lot to be there when she collected the envelope with her diploma and praised her ability to balance work and study.

“I’m proud that she completed her assignment. People were saying artists at school were losing focus, but she didn’t. I know at times she seemed stressed,” he shared .

The projects they were working on were moving at a slower pace to ease Lanae’s school schedule and more so exams, but the team is back on track with recording and preparing for the single’s video shoot. Nothing to see, which is produced by Snowcone.

“No matter what skill someone has, it’s important to have a business education and know how to apply it, because you never know when the music industry is going to fail you or slow you down. Which helps when you focuses on developing artists, is not making them feel pressured to achieve a certain goal and I applied that same approach with her, we made every process an event, [had] fun or went on trips when we needed to discuss ideas. I’m proud of Lanae like I’m graduating,” Wilmot said.


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