Lancaster University student lands dream job despite serious illness


Molly Corless celebrates a first-class law degree from Lancaster University and even landed a dream job in the civil service.

This is despite battling various health issues and the tragic loss of a family.

Molly said: “My time in Lancaster was unforgettable, it was full of challenges, but I also made lifelong friends here and discovered more of who I am.”

The first in her family to attend university, Molly lost her grandfather to Covid-19 in her freshman year and contracted the disease herself during her final year law exams.

Her health issues also included hypothyroidism and a vitamin B12 deficiency, and she also lost over nine stones during her studies.

But Molly overcame all of these challenges to focus on her studies, help with her family’s business and even find time to volunteer at the local Citizens Advice Bureau.

She said: “I have volunteered to provide generalist advice on a range of issues at Citizens Advice, particularly throughout the pandemic.

“I spent my final year providing expert benefits consulting because I felt it was important in this economic climate to specialize in an area that many people depend on. Ultimately, I I was able to help over a hundred clients in my three years.”

In her sophomore year, Molly landed a summer internship with the Department of Education which eventually led her to her dream job.

“I experienced public service firsthand during a summer internship during my sophomore year,” she said.

“I knew this was where I wanted to start my career and focus on policies that can help improve the society we live in.”

Molly has now been accepted into the highly competitive Fast Stream Civil Service Graduate Program.

She said: “I will be undertaking three 12-month internships, every 12 months my position, department and location will change – it’s exciting but nerve-wracking.

“My first placement will be working in politics for the Welsh Government in Cardiff, that’s a really big step for me, but working in politics has been my dream for a long time.”

As the first in her family to attend university, Molly said she had to find her own path, but was inspired by her father.

She said: “A big inspiration for me to keep taking on challenges was my father’s role model: Richard Corless.

“He always exemplified the importance of overcoming obstacles in life and never giving up.”


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