Local college student seeking teen feedback for new study


A local student from the University of Northern British Columbia is looking for teens from the Smithers community for their thoughts on how social media has changed news consumption.

According to Savannah Parsons, the project is aimed at all ages, but her share is aimed at teenagers.

She added that she was looking for around 50 participants.

The survey that has been created examines how social media is more prevalent in terms of how people consume news, especially with the possibility of the voting age being lowered to 16.

Parsons said she believes teenagers are more involved in politics than people realize.

“I’m on TikTok all the time and I see constant engagement with the political climate, voting and there seems to be more interest than when I was in high school because people can talk to other people of the same age, see what they believe and what their values ​​are,” she said.

Parsons added that she thinks social media is an important platform to look into.

She said the possibility of having the opportunity to vote at a younger age is exciting for local teenagers.

“When I was about 16 I really wanted to vote and so I think now with tik tok and seeing a lot of older people who are allowed to vote being really engaged in this stuff I think there’s more interest than people think,” Parson said.

Anyone interested in participating in the survey is encouraged to email Parsons at sparsons@unbc.ca or via the study’s Instagram at @youth_x_unbcresearch.

The inquest is due to take place on May 30.


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