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Chairman of Odisha Skill Development Authority and co-founder of Mindtree Subroto Bagchi

New Delhi: Bagchi sub-rotoPresident of Odisha Skills Development Authority and co-founder of Mindtree, has always worried about his failure to complete his studies at the Law Center of the University of Delhi. Bagchi, who signed up for FROM in 1978, had to give up and look for a job. Decades later, when DU offered former students the chance to take their exams as part of the university’s centenary program, Bagchi, now 65, can expect to take the test that will achieve the dream he had in his youth.
Speaking to TOI, about his time at DU, the IT entrepreneur said, “I was enrolled at the Law Center which used to be on Mandir Marg in 1978. India’s IT industry was at its embryonic state at that time and I changed cities in rapid succession in search of work. I first went to Kolkata, then to Bangalore and finally to Silicon Valley in the United States. Before I knew it, six years had passed and my sixth semester had gone unfinished. I was barred from the exam. In all the decades that followed, I couldn’t start from scratch. It was like someone was putting my effort into the dungeon and throwing away the keys.
Bagchi is not the only one to take advantage of this unique opportunity to complete a university course. As part of its centenary celebrations, DU is allowing people who have completed their courses but have incomplete degrees to sit for the ‘chance centenary’ exams to be held in October this year and March next year. . According to the latest data provided by DU, more than 8,500 candidates have registered for the tests.
The university will prepare question papers according to each applicant’s schedule and the schedule prevailing at that time.
Highlighting why he decided to get his law degree after all these years as a successful IT entrepreneur, Bagchi said, “Looking at my life and work, you wouldn’t think I would have any regrets. This is largely true. Yet every time I saw the grade sheets from the five semesters I had completed at the Law Center, my heart ached. I really wanted to complete the work of my youth. Passing the exam now will mark the end of the only unfinished task of my life and I hope that thousands of people like me will be inspired to pursue their dreams again.
Commenting on the unique opportunity DU provided to its alumni, Bagchi said, “In a magnanimous gesture, the university brought to life the whole spirit of the National Education Policy, 2020.”


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