Ms. Rusticated College Student on ‘Objectionable’ Artwork Seeks Pm Time | News from Vadodara

Vadodara: Kundan Kumar Mahato, a student at MS University’s faculty of fine arts who was rusticated after a row over ‘objectionable’ artwork last month, has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to to help them continue their studies.
Mahato, a student in the sculpture department, had been attacked by right-wing groups last month for his artwork containing newspaper clippings alleging rape and sexual assault on women. The cuttings were made in the form of various Hindu goddesses.
After the protest, MSU had put together an investigation and later had it rusticated. Mahato was also arrested and released on bail on June 8.
In a letter distributed through his lawyer, the student said he belonged to a very poor family located in a small village in Bihar.
“I am the son of a day laborer and our annual income is below the poverty line. My intentions have not been heard or taken into account and I have been accused and punished for a crime I never committed,” the letter reads, requesting a face-to-face meeting with the Prime Minister who is due to travel to Vadodara on Saturday.
Urging the prime minister to help him continue his education, he said he belongs to the faculty which currently holds an active memorandum of understanding with the Central Vista project.
“My intention was not at all to hurt religious feelings, on the other hand my work has attempted to speak out against the violence and injustice that happens to women in our country where women are revered as goddesses. I felt pain, which led me to express it through my art,” the letter reads, adding that her father is an illiterate who struggles to educate her.

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