Nigerian student beats her stepmother to death and breaks her father’s leg


Najeeb Umar Shehu, an indigene of Katsina state, allegedly beat his mother-in-law to death, Naija News has learned.

The youngster, believed to be a 300-level student of Dutsinma Federal University, Katsina, also broke his father’s leg and arm in the chaotic incident.

The eldest child in the family who recounted the incident to reporters said his brother (Najeeb) repeatedly threatened to kill their stepmother, Hajiya Hasiya Galadima, who he had developed a hatred for after their father and mother separated years ago.

Hajiya Galadima was reportedly a retired Katsina state government official.

Reports have emerged that Najeeb’s mother, a Fulani woman from Daura, and her father, Shehu Umar Balele, Education Area Inspector at Katsina State Ministry of Education, have long since separated.

Najeeb, who was only 24 when he committed the crime, is known in the neighborhood to have used all kinds of drugs and substances.

The boy alleged that his stepmother was responsible for his parents’ separation.

During a meeting with Vanguard, Mustapha Shehou Umar (the eldest son in the family) revealed that there are several criminal records of his brother Najeeb.

He said they took him to the police several times and whenever they wanted to take action against him, their father refused because Najeeb is the last born and the father wanted him to study.

“He (Najeeb) told our mother-in-law several times that he didn’t love her, swearing that he was going to kill her one day.

“We took the report to the police but no serious action was taken against him. Unfortunately, he smokes and takes all kinds of drugs,” Omar recounted.

According to Umar, on the day of the incident he was not there and his younger sister visited them from her husband’s house.

He said: “She used to come every Thursday, to keep our mother-in-law company.

“Immediately my sister entered the house, Najeeb closed the entrance gate.

“Then he went to our father’s living room and trapped him in his bedroom to lock him in the room to prevent him from interfering with his plans, but it failed.

“He walked to the kitchen and took a pestle and returned to the living room where our mother-in-law was sitting with two of her maids and her daughter and closed the door leading to the living room.

“Then he said to him: ‘Remember that I promised to kill you one day.’ Wasting no time, he punched her twice on the head and she fell to the ground and fainted.

“My sister quickly restrained him and they started struggling. God was so kind that she was able to push him down and unlock the living room. door and run away. He got up immediately and chased after her.

Their father, he said, heard the noise, came out and saw Najeeb holding the pestle.

He added: “While trying to protect his daughter, Najeeb knocked him down with the pestle and he also passed out with a broken leg.

“God so good, our sister was able to open the gate of the compound and fled to one of our neighbours’ houses.

“Seeing that she ran away, Najeeb went back inside the living room, realizing that our mother-in-law was still alive, he used the pestle to pound her until he was safe that she is lifeless, disfiguring her face in the process.

“As if that wasn’t enough, he went to my apartment inside the compound. When he saw my wife he started chasing her but God was so good that she was able to flee to our neighbor with other women and they locked themselves in one of the rooms.

“He followed them to the compound but couldn’t unlock the door. Then he came to the front of the house, threatening that anyone bold enough would come to challenge him.

“Neighbors who saw him have now alerted the police and when they arrived they swept the area and finally arrested him around the government house area and took him to the GRA police station.

Naija News learned that the injured father is currently being treated at the orthopedic unit of Katsina University Hospital, while the mother-in-law was buried according to Islamic rites.


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