No school dropouts here. You can now get a college degree from Kanye West

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Between the recently released Netflix documentary, “Jeen-Yuhs”, the relentless media coverage (guilty as accused), and You continue personal relationships, you probably thought you had access to all the necessary knowledge about the rapper. I’m afraid to say that in this case, you would be wrong dear reader, because this kind of information comes at a college level cost. That’s right, our favorite college dropout is now the subject of a new course launched this year at a Montreal university.

The class called Kanye vs. Ye: Genius By Design, was created by Yassin Alsalman at Concordia University. The course will focus on the rapper’s career, from humble beginnings in Southside, Chicago as a producer, to musical mastermind.

“This course is not just about Kanye”, the professor captioned a recent Instagram post about the class. “It’s about community, creativity, responsibility, accountability, fame and sanity, dreams and nightmares – and most importantly, self-actualization.”

On his YouTube channel, “The Iraqafella Show”, Alsaman discusses at length a mainstay of the course content, something he describes as “Kanyetive Dissonance,” a modified concept of the psychological term, “cognitive dissonance,” described as the perception of conflicting information. BIG Gemini vibes. The class will also delve into Ye’s “art, design, music, fame, and cultural impact in the information age.”

Alsaman isn’t just a professor at Concordia University, he’s actually a rapper himself. Taking the stage name Narcy, her latest single “Iraqafella” was released last Friday. As a lover of music and hip hop culture in particular, Alsaman has previously taught classes on the work of other artists including A Tribe Called Quest and the legendary Lauren Hill.

When Dazed journalists asked Alsaman why Kanye is an interesting subject for scientific discourse, he had this to say:

“Hip hop is an incredible and undeniable force and culture. It should, and will have, its own departments in universities around the world when all is said and done. This is the ultimate culture – it has saved so many of us and speaks directly to each generation of young people after another. Kanye is an example of that – and I’ve been teaching for seven years now. We’ve dissected so many records and every time we do it I realize how rich the culture and art is. We have a lot of work ahead of us. »

If you want to join the course, good luck. Even as a Concordia student, the class only has 200 places available. I suppose the unlucky among us will just have to continue to settle for the teachings of the tabloids.


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