Outrage after Indian military says Sampurnanand Sanskrit University degree invalid


Students and teachers at Sampurnanand Sanskrit University in Varanasi outraged over Indian army refuse recognize the Shashtri diploma for recruiting into the military. While the university students were allowed to take the entrance exam and their medical exams were also completed, at the last moment they were told that their diploma was not valid, creating a major controversy on this subject.

The case is linked to the recruitment of a junior officer (religious teacher) in the Indian army, the announcement of which was published in January last year. Last year, the Indian Army had solicited applications for the positions of Pandit, Pandit (Gorkha), Granthi, Maulvi (Sunni), Maulvi (shia), Padre and Both Monk, and as a result, the recruitment process s ‘is continued.

The announcement mentions that the qualification for the post of professor of religion will be graduated in any discipline from a recognized university. In addition to this, the candidate for the position of Pandit can be Acharya in Sanskrit or Shastri in Sanskrit with a one year degree in ‘Karam Kand’. In Sanskrit universities, the Acharya degree is considered equivalent to a graduate degree, while the Shastri is equal to a bachelor’s degree.

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Sampurnanand Sanskrit University in Varanasi offers these degrees, and as a result, qualified students of the University applied to the Indian military for the post of religious teachers. While their applications were accepted, their medical examination and physical verification of their documents were carried out and admission cards for the written examination were issued, they were not allowed to sit for the examination. at the last moment. The Indian military reportedly rejected their applications claiming that their qualification was invalid. Army officials said the university’s Shastri degree did not amount to a bachelor’s degree.

This caused major outrage in the university, and the students sent a letter to the prime minister’s public relations office in Varanasi to address the issue. They walked from the university to the office yesterday to deliver the letter, amid heightened police security.

Students say the UGC recognized the university’s Shastri degree as equal to a bachelor’s degree, and in the past, university students have been selected by the Indian military for the same position. Therefore, officials’ decision to label their diploma as invalid is not correct, they said. Hindu scholars in Varanasi have also condemned the Indian military’s move. They passed a resolution and sent a letter to the Minister of Defense, asking to reverse the decision.

Hare Ram Tripathi University vice-chancellor said he had requested a meeting with Defense Minister Rajnath Singh to resolve the issue. He said he also sent letters to the defense minister, the army chief and the army recruiting board for a permanent solution to the problem.

He informed that the Indian military’s decision is wrong as the UGC recognizes the university’s Shastri and Acharya degrees as equivalent to graduate and postgraduate degrees, and the university’s students have been selected. for the post of religion teacher on the basis of these qualifications.

He said that therefore, he requested a meeting with Rajnath Singh for a permanent solution to the matter.

Meanwhile, Sampurnanand Sanskrit University has decided that from now on they will mention the BA diploma as well as the Shastri diploma on the scoring sheets and certificates in order to resolve the confusion. According to the university, due to lack of awareness, some organizations tend to reject university degrees as invalid. The university issues Madhyama for high school, Uttar Madhyama for upper secondary, Shastri for graduates, and Acharya for graduate degrees. From now on, the university will mention both versions on the certificates issued to students.


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