Palestinian grandmother graduates from college at 85


Dubai: When it comes to chasing your dreams, it’s never too late to make them come true. An 85-year-old Palestinian grandmother has just proven it.

Jihad Battu of Nazareth graduated in Islamic Studies from Sharia College, Kafr Bara, making history as the college’s oldest graduate.

Born in 1936 in Nablus, West Bank, she was named Jihad by her family, an Arabic name meaning “to fight or fight against the enemy”.

She attended a school in Al Mujaydil, near Nazareth, until 1948 when the Nakba took place and the Palestinians were evicted from their homes, according to media reports. In the same year, Battu’s mother fell very ill and Jihad was forced to drop out of school.

In 1954, Jihad married and had five children. However, his passion for study and learning never died out. She took several courses in Arabic, English and Hebrew, as well as mathematics courses.

At 81, she was still excited to study. She decided to go to college to get a college degree and wear a graduation gown and she did.

In an interview with a local website, Jihad said she chose to study Islamic Sharia law because of her love and dedication to Islamic traditions and rules.


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