Reactions as a bareheaded university student sits in the middle of a river for 6 hours


A viral video on Twitter of a bareheaded girl sitting in the middle of a campus river has sparked mixed reactions online.

Students at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana (KNUST) were shocked watching a girl with a shaved head sitting quietly in the middle of a river for 6 hours.

Voice of KNUST had posted the video of the girl with the caption: “ATTENTION STUDENTS

“This girl sitting in the Bibini KNUST river for about 6 hours is not here to scare students but it’s an art part of a project for some graduate students”

It was later revealed that the rather mysterious sight was just an artwork that was part of a project undertaken by some postgraduate students at the school.

Below are the reactions to the video

@Conti_Bharon: “How will sitting in a river have a reasonable effect on project work? Does his leg measure the depth of the river or does he need a human to tell how cool or warm the river is in relation to the weather? There are several types of material to do this. How can you tell me this story?

@Brookmanroggers: “Art is life… it seems some of you don’t know much about art. Respect and love art✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 it’s life”

@Boateng Davidd: “And if the crocodiles and the snakes came in this river… me, I thought that she came to sing a golden stool.

@Wiafe Akanteng: “Art is wide… for those who criticize KNUST’s fine art department (painting and sculpture) goes beyond the standard (logical) type of art and ventures into different fields, a whole movement emerges and soon the world will bear witness to it (higher philosophy and radicalism combined)”

Nathan: “Lol, I’m a sucker for some arts, but that’s kinda disturbing”


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