Scholarships for Ukrainians, international students


Tel Aviv University (TAU) is offering to help Ukrainian students who have been affected by the Russian-Ukrainian war. The university launched a fund to help displaced Ukrainian students get back on their feet after their studies were abruptly interrupted by the war.

The Emergency Scholarship Fund for Ukrainian Graduate Students is the result of a capital campaign called to support Ukrainian students and scholars with immediate refuge and assistance to continue their studies.

Current students and alumni of Tel Aviv University will also participate in a fundraising campaign called Cycle for Scholarships between April 3 and April 10, 2022.

Funds raised will support students at the masters, doctoral and postdoctoral levels and will cover tuition fees, living expenses and insurance for six months.

The university will facilitate emergency fund recipients with the process of transitioning to Israel, ensuring that it is as smooth and quick as possible.

“TAU is already in contact with the Ukrainian Embassy in Israel and the Israeli Embassy in Ukraine, as well as their university counterparts, to facilitate the process and ensure that successful applicants can reach Israel as soon as possible” , the university said.

Are there scholarships for international students of other nationalities?

Tel Aviv University also offers several other scholarships applicable to students of different nationalities.

Scholarships for applicants from North America

Tel Aviv University is offering scholarships to applicants from North America. Credit: Michael B. Thomas/AFP

A number of merit- and need-based scholarships are available to international students from North America.

Applicants may apply for one or more scholarships provided they have received an offer letter/letter of admission from Tel Aviv University after meeting the eligibility criteria for each of the scholarships for which they have applied and submitted the applications within the given deadlines.

For more information, click here.

Scholarships for Latin American Applicants

Students from Latin America or Brazil can enroll in Tel Aviv University with only a fraction of the expense when they qualify for a scholarship from a prestigious institution. Source: Adalberto Roque/AFP

Peisach Scholarship Fund

This is a merit-based scholarship for applicants from Latin America and Brazil enrolled in one of Tel Aviv University’s international programs. For more information, click here. To apply, click here.

Brazilian students may also consider applying to the Brazil Scholarship Fund (BSF). Click on here for more details.

Tel Aviv University offers scholarships for students from Asia, Australia and New Zealand

Tata Trusts in collaboration with TAU is offering scholarships to outstanding Indian students to pursue their postgraduate studies at Tel Aviv University. Source: Manjunath Kiran/AFP

Scholarships for applicants from Asia and Australia

Australian students who wish to study at Tel Aviv University can apply for the Australian Friends of TAU Scholarship while the Tata Trusts the scholarship is for Indian applicants.

Scholarships for applicants from the Middle East and North Africa

Outstanding students from the Middle East or North Africa who wish to pursue their postgraduate studies at TAU ​​can apply for a designated scholarship for students from their region. Source: Hussein Faleh/AFP

The Regional Friendship Scholarship Fund is a merit-based scholarship that covers up to 50% of tuition fees and up to a maximum of U$8,000 to students from the Middle East and North Africa to continue their studies at Tel Aviv University. Apply for this scholarship here.


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