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The Sonoma State men’s lacrosse team continued their woes, as they lost yet another game last Saturday to the nation’s number six team, UC Berkeley. The Seawolves lost 17-7 to the Bears in a two and a half hour game. With clear skies and bright sunshine, it was a perfect day for lacrosse and the sidelines were filled with Berkeley and SSU fans. The playoffs are high on the Seawolves’ priority list as they need to pick up a win in their next two games to qualify.

Sean Kenneally, a fourth-year student majoring in communication and environmental planning in geography, remains very optimistic about the upcoming games. “As long as we get a win, we’re going to make the WCLL (Western Collegiate Lacrosse League) playoffs. Both games are opportunistic and we’re confident we’ll see ourselves making the playoffs once May rolls around,” Kenneally said.

Other players on the SSU squad gave insight into how to be effective in those next two games, so they can fulfill their playoff dreams. Prentice Lohr, a freshman and economics major, had this to say about the rest of their season: “I’m going into this game like I’m on the Titanic. If I don’t go strong and reach my full potential, and my team, then we might not make the playoffs or have a chance to go further in the playoffs. I want to do my best to spread the name of our program and continue to play against great teams.

Since Lohr is a freshman, he couldn’t get all the playing time he wanted, but he started last weekend. Lohr started at the long-stick midfield position, while also getting reps in close defense. Lohr views this year as a learning experience as he considers his future on this team. “We had our ups and downs but it was fun to get some playing experience as a rookie and I’m going to push us to be great for the remaining games we have and for those 3 more years. that I have to come. Regardless of the age of the team members, it is always a learning experience for our team to strive for excellence,” Lohr said.

The Seawolves men’s lacrosse team is a Division 1 team and faces Stanford, Cal Poly and UC Santa Barbara throughout the season. These teams are extremely competitive and test the skill of the Seawolves. However, this is nothing new for Sean Kenneally senior who had his sophomore and junior seasons stripped due to COVID-19. As team president, Kenneally not only has his personal responsibility as a player, but he also has the responsibility as a team manager to help energize his team. Kenneally admitted this year’s schedule has been the toughest he has played. “To be the best, you have to play the best, and I thank our staff for putting us up to this challenge. I hope to see the program return to the top of the MCLA (Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association) as it has in the past.

As the WCLL playoffs draw closer, SSU is hoping to win one of its next two games to advance to the playoffs. Their next game is Saturday, April 16, which will be their senior day and they will face University of Nevada Reno. Come support our senior Seawolves as they play their last game of the regular season.


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