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Sonoma State University opened its arms to potential incoming freshmen on Saturday, April 23 for Seawolf Decision Day. The event, hosted by the university, acted as an on-campus open house for incoming freshmen. Undecided whether or not to choose a college, future high school graduates had the opportunity to meet current students, faculty and staff, as well as SSU alumni.

The event included sessions and presentations on various aspects of the school such as academic programs, student life, on-campus housing, and financial aid. A highlight of this event was the featured academic departments and their presentations.

Many visitors were able to explore the options in different studies and learn about each program offered by SSU. Various programs such as Science and Technology, Business, Nursing and others offered presentations led by Deans and Department Chairs.

A club fair was also held in Seawolf Square for visitors to explore various clubs and affiliated groups. SSU organizations had the opportunity to connect with visitors and present the overall goal of their group.

Abbie Paige, SSU Fraternity and Sorority Life Coordinator, shared her thoughts on Decision Day and the organizations impact on the event: “Our fraternities and sororities, sports clubs and student organizations generals played an important role in highlighting the Seawolf experience by sharing their own stories and the importance of getting involved It only takes one person, club or event to help a student find meaningful connections and establish a sense of belonging.”

Kelley Kaslar, Sonoma State Visitor Center Manager, shared her thoughts on the day, “It’s been incredibly rewarding planning and coordinating Seawolf Decision Day. It’s inspiring to see our entire community SSU come together to make this day special for our prospective students. And while Decision Day is an open house for new students, it is also a celebration for all of us: students, staff, and faculty.”

Kaslar continued, “Now is the time to showcase our amazing and unique campus. Our campus has a lot to offer, and I hope all of our guests feel the spirit of Sonoma State throughout the day.

Morale was certainly high throughout decision day, especially with the addition of SSU baseball and softball teams playing games during the day. Both games were available to all visitors and students.

If athletics were not of visitor interest, campus housing departments offered tours and information sessions. Sonoma States residence halls are ranked first in the CSU system for best on-campus housing. These on-campus housing tours have become a popular feature on Decision Day. The villages that could be visited were Sauvignon, Verdot and Zinfandel.

Visitors were expected to be hungry and with that in mind, SSU Culinary Services offered discounted access to all you could eat in the kitchens. Other locations on campus provided catering services for visitors, such as Sip Cafe and Lobos Pub.

A big part of the event was current SSU students who attended Decision Day and connected with visitors. Fourth-year student Connor Howard shared his experience on Decision Day: “Saturday was a lot of fun, it was super exciting to see new faces come out and explore what SSU has to offer. It was especially fun to sit down and represent my organization. »


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