Spring Carnival Takes Over Person Lawn – Sonoma State Star


Last Friday, Associated Student Productions (ASP) held a spring carnival. The carnival was held on Person Lawn from 5-7:30 p.m. to celebrate the end of the semester. With the weather a bit windy at 63 degrees, that didn’t stop students from showing up for free entertainment, as students from all grades came out for the free games, music and shirts.

As the sun began to set, the DJ was just beginning to help set the tone for the event. Once students showed their wellness green screen and signed a liability waiver, they were able to walk onto the lawn and participate in the activity of their choice. There were games spread all over the lawn, including life-size checkers, a high striker, ping pong and more. There was also a bouncy house that students could jump into. The atmosphere of this event was reminiscent of what college life was like before COVID-19.

“It’s exciting to see that events like this can bring the campus together. I haven’t seen a ton of events like this and it was really fun to go to one,” said third-year business student Surina Dhanota.

Playing carnival games for fun was not the only incentive for students to participate, as those who won enough tickets could win prizes. Prizes included stickers and a chance to win a JBL speaker or a Nintendo Switch in a raffle.

To bring the authenticity of a carnival, there was also a free funnel cake stand where students could choose any flavor they liked.

Angela Larsen, a third-year early childhood education student, said, “Supporting my roommate who helped organize the event was the main focus of my coming out. I also didn’t go to events like this often, but now that we’re finally back on campus, I don’t want to take this stuff for granted. Getting a free funnel cake and being able to play games also played a big part in my attending this event.

These events help bring the seal community together. The Spring Carnival was a success with hundreds of Seawolves in attendance for a highly interactive event. Listening to a DJ playing classic songs to dance to, the sweet taste of funnel cakes, and receiving a free shirt are just a few of the many perks of attending an event like this. From air hockey to bouncy houses, students were able to find an activity that appealed to them.

Dhanota said, “I wish there were more events like this because it’s a great way to hang out on campus. I love our campus and how inclusive everyone and everything is. If there were more events like this, I would definitely come more often.


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