Start of work on student facilities at the University of East Stroudsburg


Newswatch 16’s Amanda Eustice shows us the plans for the new University Center at the University of East Stroudsburg.

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pennsylvania — Construction is officially underway at the University of East Stroudsburg, clearing the grounds for a new academic center.

Acting President Kenneth Long said that as the university grew, along with the needs of its students, upgrading was long overdue.

“This building was built when we had around 2,400, 2,500 students. Since then we’ve grown to 6,500 students and now around 5,000 students. The building is just too small to accommodate the needs of our students and our university community,” Long said.

The new University Center will include an updated bookstore and ballroom, a new esports center, art gallery, student lounge for commuters, and organization and student club offices.

“Students want to congregate and relax and congregate. So we’re going to have a food court there where students can come in, and they can study and meet friends at the same time can have a meal, eat some things and socializing and not under the pressure of being in a traditional cafeteria type setting.”

The project is expected to cost approximately $76.4 million.

Students we spoke to say the building will offer more to students.

“This building isn’t bad, but there’s only the food court and the computer labs. So what can the students really do besides eat and do their homework? Yeah, so I think it’s going to be pretty cool for everyone,” said junior Liliana. Macotela.

“It’s been really nice to come back to campus, and now to come back to something like that, a lot of other schools have great academic centers, so it’s going to be nice to have something a lot more updated” , said junior Kendra Sharpe.

The new University Center is expected to open in fall 2024.

Once opened, the old University Center will be demolished and transformed into an outdoor space for students, which will include an amphitheater.


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