Stellenbosch University student expelled after disciplinary committee finds him guilty of sexual misconduct


The Huis Marais residence of the University of Stellenbosch is once again in the news. Photo: Getty Images.

  • A student at Stellenbosch University has been found guilty of sexual misconduct.
  • Thestudent was expelled from the university.
  • A criminal case is pending.

A student at Stellenbosch University (SU) has been expelled after the institution’s independent central disciplinary committee found him guilty of sexual misconduct.

His expulsion comes after he was accused of sexually assaulting a classmate at Majuba Residence in May.

The incident was reported to police on May 18. The victim also filed a complaint with the university’s equality unit, which referred the matter to student discipline for investigation.

A student disciplinary process followed and a hearing was held.

University spokesman Martin Viljoen confirmed the student was found guilty of “sexual misconduct” on Thursday.

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“The penalties imposed are [that] the male student is expelled from SU and the sanction must be publicized to the student community in a manner that student discipline deems appropriate. However, the identity of the parties must be redacted and no information may be disclosed allowing the identification of any of the witnesses involved in the proceedings,” Viljoen said.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Learning and Teaching, Professor Deresh Ramjugernath, said the university was deeply distressed by incidents of sexual misconduct.

“The university condemns all forms of crime and all violations of human rights, including gender-based violence in the strongest possible terms. In accordance with our policy on unjust discrimination and harassment, we will continue to fight against gender-based violence on our campuses.”

Ramjugernath added that the independence of the SU student disciplinary process is respected.

A criminal case is still ongoing.

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