Student-Athlete Spotlight: Alex Boyle — Sonoma State Star


Freshman math student Alex Boyle has broken records, including her own this season, and is one of the best team runners this school has seen in some time. Boyle, although still early in his career, believes there is still plenty of time to improve further and reach the “potential that my coaches see in me”.

Boyle ran three years of cross country and one of high school track and field. One of those years they won the El Camino varsity girls MVP award. Boyle brings a lot of intensity to the team, but reminds everyone that it’s still a team sport. Boyle said: “Even though athletics seems like such an individual sport, there is a great team aspect behind it. I know I couldn’t have gotten here without my team and they deserve so much more recognition, applause and appreciation than I could ever describe.

One of Boyle’s favorite things about being on the team is that he is constantly pushed by his peers. Boyle has had a particular passion for racing for years now. They said: “My passion for running came from the people around me and how running made me feel. There’s just something so different about being in the mix of a group of runners and knowing it’s a fight of sheer strength and endurance to the end. It’s, as my friend would say, a very “main character” moment and a rush that I can’t help but go after. Plus, having other people around you who fully understand such a unique experience and lift you further than you thought possible is just the icing on the cake. Boyle believes that hard work and dedication play an important role in belonging to the team.

Besides athletics, Boyle has many other hobbies that he indulges in. “Some of my hobbies are making and planning art projects and reading. At home, I also like to collect pebbles and shells at the beach, although I started collecting that here and start the whole collection on my window sill if I say so myself,” said Boyle said. Boyle’s home next to sunny San Diego is known for its beaches.

A typical day for Boyle: “starts early with practice before class and then, depending on the day, more class or practice in the afternoon. In the meantime, I eat, talk with some of my teammates or classmates, and just do little things to prepare for the days ahead. On the weekends I usually meet some of the other distance girls for a run, if we don’t have a meet then I relax and recuperate before the week starts all over again. Although it may seem like a typical athlete’s day, taking care of their bodies is even more important for track and field team members because of the hard work they do on a daily basis.

Last weekend, the women’s track and field team won first place in the CSU East Bay Invitational. The Seawolves took first place among 15 other teams, winning five different events. Among the team were Boyle themselves.

Boyle is looking to carry on the recent success in the next encounter. “My goal is to continue to improve, to achieve personal bests and to reach the potential that my coaches see in me. I also hope to continue to create wonderful memories with the people around me so that when I think about the good times, it’s not just personal bests.This week, you can find Boyle trying to accomplish that goal at the Cal State LA Twilight Open and Beach Invitational in Long Beach on April 13, 14, and 15.


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