Student expelled after consuming alcohol


A student at Shanghai International Studies University has been expelled after it was discovered that he spiked another student’s drink, according to the university’s announcement on Wednesday.

According to the victim, she found the coffee she left on a desk in the library tasted strange after returning from lunch. After spitting out what she drank and pouring out the rest of the coffee, she reported the incident to the university’s security office, who checked CCTV footage and found the culprit, nicknamed Yin, had added something to the drink.

Yin, 21, was arrested by the police that afternoon for investigation. After a thorough examination at a hospital, the victim was found to be in good health, according to a message posted on Weibo by the Songjiang District Public Security Bureau.

According to the security office, Yin confessed to fortifying the drink with effervescent taurine tablets that he purchased online.

The tablets are often advertised as a form of sexual enhancement on online sales platforms.

The motives behind Yin’s act have not yet been revealed, and the security office said investigations are still ongoing.

In light of this incident, the university is committed to strengthening the moral education of students and to treating any violation of discipline and academic rules seriously in order to maintain a healthy and healthy learning and living environment. safe on campus.


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