Taita Taveta Governor Granton Samboja Proves Costa Rica’s University Degree Is Authentic


According to Samboja, the degree he holds from the University of Costa Rica is genuine and recognized by the Commission for University Education (CUE).

The governor is accused of falsifying a degree from Kenyatta University to run in the 2017 election and is using an unrecognized degree from a foreign university to defend his seat.

Petitioner Jeremiah Kiwoi, said Samboja, despite holding a certificate since 2013, chose to falsify a fake certificate to run in the 2017 election.

“The first responder claims to have graduated from a Costa Rica-based university in 2013 when it is well known that he was then a radio host with a high school diploma.

“Despite being armed with a degree nearly four years prior, he chose to use forged documents in 2017 in complete disregard of the Constitution and other legal requirements for a minimum degree requirement. valid”, Kiwoi said.

“It is obvious and clearly distinct that before the issuance of the letter of verification, the commission proceeds to a categorical interrogation of the academic diplomas and documents presented to it and, on satisfactory results, it proceeds to the issuance of the letter verification accordingly”, Samboja said in his answer.


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