University education is not for all Nigerians, it is unreasonable for Buhari’s regime to borrow to pay ASUU: Umahi


Governor David Umahi said it would be unreasonable for President Muhammadu Buhari’s regime to borrow funds to pay the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) because, in his view, university education is not for everyone the Nigerians.

“University education is not for everyone, and that is the truth,” the governor of Ebonyi said.

Mr. Umahi added, “The basic education that every country is striving for is secondary school and vocational schools. These are the basic schools, and when you have these qualifications, you can use them either to start something or to be able to use them to be employed.

The Governor stressed that it would be irrational for Mr Buhari to approve borrowing 1.1 trillion naira to settle ASUU and end its protracted strike.

“There is no way the Nigerian country is going to borrow 1.1 trillion naira to meet the demands of ASUU. This is completely unreasonable,” he insisted.

Umahi, chairman of the South East Governors Forum, said so on Wednesday in Abakaliki, where he hosted a delegation from the Nigeria Police Trust Fund led by Ben Akabueze.

However, the governor of Ebonyi admitted that the ASUU demands were “genuine”.

Mr Umahi urged the university union to ‘show understanding and those negotiating alongside the government to show understanding as well’.

“Let’s get in the middle and open the schools to save the plight of our children,” Mr Umahi said.

The ASUU strike has seen the closure of public universities across the country since February, forcing hundreds of thousands of students to do nothing at home.

The union said successive governments have failed to implement agreements reached in 2009.

Among other things, ASUU wants President Muhammadu Buhari’s regime to adopt the University Transparency and Accountability Solution (UTAS) for the payment of university staff salaries instead of the Integrated Staff Payroll Information System. and payment of academic allowances (EAA).

A few days ago, the Nigeria Labor Congress across the country demonstrated in solidarity with ASUU, urging the regime to meet demands for students to return to class.


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