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Known for its serene natural landscapes and cultural diversity, many international learners consider Sweden a supreme study destination.

The University of Mälardalen (MDH) is one such university which embraces its educational heritage and striking environment. As a modern institution at the heart of society, MDH guides students through a wide range of study programs and valuable research activities.

Thinking creatively and critically

Mälardalen will motivate you to establish a growth mindset so that you can explore all avenues of education. With privileged access to interdisciplinary courses, MDH graduates thrive in an often complex job market.

Validated by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education, statistics show that up to 81% of MDH students find employment in their field of expertise, within a year of completing their degree, leaving you ready for dive directly into the profession of your choice.

The university offers a variety of international study programs and teaches them in English, so you won’t have to worry about misleading courses or misunderstanding the program due to a language barrier. MDH welcomes learners from all corners of the world and ensures that there is a smooth flow of communication throughout the courses.

During your studies, you will discover all the resources necessary to stay ahead of the competition. Through the introductory video for international students, you will be informed about the dynamic facilities available such as the Student Center and Career Plaza.

Discover the EPAS accredited programs

Having achieved exclusive EPAS accreditation for the Bachelor of International Business Management program and the Masters program in International Marketing, MDH has gained international recognition for its high quality courses.

Acting as an international accreditation system that assesses business programs at the Business and Master levels, the EPAS exam is conducted by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) organization.

As Thomas Wahl, MDH Dean of the School of Business, Society and Engineering explains: “I am extremely proud of the incredible work done by many colleagues at the school. It is a confirmation of our work and our high quality education. As international students often rely on rankings and accreditation. I think we will see increased interest in these programs in the years to come.

Despite successfully passing their assessment, Mälardalen University will continue to develop and improve all of its courses to maintain impressive international academic standards.

Foster a culture of innovation

The University of Mälardalen wants to tackle as many social issues as possible. This is why their research is divided into six main specializations.

For research focused on energy efficiency, renewables and emissions mitigation, there is the Future Energy Center. As one of Sweden’s strongest process optimization environments, innovative solutions are being built in this space.

To analyze the relationship between health and well-being, research activities at MDH are divided into three main topics; equity and participation, value-seeking and cooperation. And for the ever-changing world of computing, the university studies the development of embedded systems and the role it plays in the world.

Regarding economics, the University of Mälardalen employed 48 researchers and professors to unravel the effects of radical industrial revival and set up an IEO research school to promote ongoing projects.

In support of the university’s goals for sustainable future development, there is a research department dedicated to Innovation and Product Realization (IPR). Taking a multidisciplinary approach throughout its exploration efforts, the DPI community covers all areas of the subject.

The last field of research covered by the MDH team is that of educational sciences and mathematics. With resource-rich expertise, the university uses the results to create an innovative learning environment.

Cooperate with global companies

As a university where cooperation and collaboration are central values, MDH has over the years built an incredible network of local and global companies.

You may be wondering how this network works in my favor? Well, by cooperating with international companies and organizations nearby, the university offers you a prosperous gateway to potential internships and possible employment opportunities.

The university also runs a myriad of cooperative projects to help you develop your potential. For example, The Social Contract focuses on the workforce of tomorrow and maintains strong relationships between MDH and public sector actors. And the Idélab business incubator encourages you to use your knowledge to turn your designs into reality.

Recently, MSc student Vasja Çollaku received the Mälardalen University Global Swede Award for 2018. As she states, “It is a great feeling when the university appreciates and recognizes your academic, entrepreneurial and innovative efforts. For me, this strengthens the bond between the students and the university because it shows that nothing goes unnoticed at MDH.

Grow and the future

At the University of Mälardalen, you decide who to become. With accommodations located close to campus, strategic partnerships with businesses, and contemporary teaching methods, you’ll have a stable base of resources to work with.

A fundamental factor in your course of study at MDH is your future success. To set itself apart from other forward-thinking institutions, the university exposes students to contract training courses such as the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program. With these additional extras, your academic portfolio will be brimming with experience.

Another great tactic the college uses to defend your professional skills is the Diploma Project Pool. By writing your course project in a company, you will create a unique bond with local employers, which can lead to a job!

With education that leads to employment and a community of visionaries who motivate you to learn, the University of Mälardalen (MDH) is the perfect place to plan for your future.

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