University of Manchester student composes song about Ukraine crisis


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA) – Daniel Cornett, 20, tries to help people in our region understand what is happening in Ukraine.

He used different sounds, instruments and effects to create a sense of war and what Ukrainians face on a daily basis.

“I like to encapsulate the feeling and emotion of different times and events,” Cornett said.

He plays clarinet at the University of Manchester. While studying music education there, he wanted to compose a song about the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The song is called “Why?” and Cornett says there’s a reason behind it.

“Nobody knows for sure why Russia does what it does. It’s just that they came and said yes, let’s just start an attack on these innocent people in Ukraine,” he said.

Cornett says he’s been playing music since sixth grade. He started composing music in high school. With this part in particular? He says he wanted to connect audiences through sound effects and using instruments to sound like what’s happening in Ukraine.

These sounds include bombs, sirens and people fleeing the country, which is what Cornett tries to illustrate through music.

“It explores someone living pretty much their daily life and then the air raid sirens start and then there’s this chaos and confusion and when the melody comes on it’s almost like a person is trying to figure out what was going on,” he said. .

Cornett says it took him about three weeks to write the song, but there are two important things he wants others to take away from it.

“It’s more than what I want to achieve in this piece of conveying this emotion, but it’s also out of solidarity with Ukraine.”

“Music is the happiness of many people like me and I just hope that as soon as possible these Ukrainians can get their instruments back and play and be happy and not have to worry if their house is going to be bombed tonight there or not,” he said.

He told ABC21 he wants to become a music teacher in the future. He says that by the time he graduates he should be able to play all the instruments in a full orchestra.

If you want to hear the full song, click here.

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