West Chester University student tests positive for Monkeypox – CBS Philly


WEST CHESTER, Pa. (CBS) – Monkeypox continues to spread through our area. Delaware is reporting its first case of the virus in a 41-year-old man from New Castle County. He is currently in self-isolation. There is also a case of monkeypox at the University of West Chester.

Monkeypox has spread rapidly across the country and here in Philadelphia. But officials say the case at West Chester University appears to be isolated.

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University of West Chester officials say they immediately notified students and staff when they learned a suburban student had monkeypox. They say the infected student is isolated and doing well.

Monkeypox is a contagious virus that causes rashes and sores that spread through close personal contact.

“I was in my dorm and I was like, anyone here? And I like not going out for a few days because of that,” said West Chester freshman Anthony Hilton.

“I guess if it’s some kind of virus, it might be something to be worried about,” junior Mia Fornito said.

The university says the student lives outside of Chester County and the county where the student lives is currently conducting the investigation.

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“The health department responsible for the case actually advised the university that there were no cases in Chester County with respect to close contacts,” Nancy Gainer said.

Symptoms of monkeypox include fever, headache, aches and pains, fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, and a rash that lasts two to four weeks.

“We often see very mild illnesses, but that’s certainly a concern and the numbers have been increasing quite rapidly,” Philadelphia Health Commissioner Dr. Cheryl Bettigole said.

Philadelphia’s health commissioner said there are now 16 cases of monkeypox in the city and they are increasing rapidly.

The CDC says most cases are spreading among gay men.

“It can spread through any kind of close contact. So that’s something we want people to pay attention to, even if they don’t fit that demographic. If they see a new rash, they definitely need to see a health care provider,” Bettigole said.

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Bettigole says the city expects to receive an additional 1,300 doses of monkeypox vaccine. This is distributed to people who are at high risk and who have been in close contact with an infected person.


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